Increase profits, customer face-time, and pricing visibility with Price Align B2B software. Advanced pricing analytics, price optimisation and strategy.

“By reducing time spent on administration Price Align allowed me to spend significantly more time selling” Salesperson
Our clients have increased Sales people planning and selling time by 25%

Price Align at a Glance

  1. Pricing Execution

    Pricing Execution

    Give your sales people critical data about each deal at their finger-tips so they can make price decisions with confidence:

    • Quotes
    • Offers
    • Tenders
    • Custom exports

    Price Align embeds a streamlined pricing workflow into your every-day sales cycle, eliminating needless spreadsheets, manual checking and emails:

    • Monitors pricing with custom controls (sales, margin, discount and more)
    • Is completely automated
    • Is customizable to market needs
  2. Pricing Optimisation

    Pricing Optimisation

    Use our tools and methods to identify and create a consistent pricing strategy:

    • Customer segmentation
    • Value based price targeting
    • Floor controls
    • Approval controls

    Simple to use "What-if" modelling is built in to help your users quickly evaluate the profitability of complex deals:

    • Model the impact of price changes on customers
    • Drill into the impact of price changes with detailed variance analysis
  3. Pricing Analytics

    Pricing Analytics

    Take the pulse of your companies pricing with our unique set of pricing KPIs and reports. Quickly get an understanding of price trends and performance:

    • Pricing performance KPIs
    • Analyse workflow settings
    • Customer reports
    • Sales rep reports

    Gain insight into the price behaviour of customers and competitors. Advanced predictive indicators give you time to take corrective action:

    • Leading predictive price indicators (e.g. Win loss analysis)
    • Competitor performance
    • Price vs volume sensitivity analysis

Pricing for manufacturing: Holy Grail or just good policy?

"A good pricing strategy can drive value and growth. But creating one presents a difficult balancing act for manufacturers. If you’re successfully increasing prices with some customers, chances are you’re losing others..."