Pricing is the most powerful profit lever – leverage your pricing

Most companies’ current pricing practice is based around spreadsheets and basic GM% rules.

Your pricing story can be different. Even small changes can have a great impact.


This new blog will teach you how to leverage pricing and increase profitability.


A promised range of pricing articles covering both the wider scope and minutiae of different pricing strategies and how to implement them. Something to suit both pricing professionals and novices.

We will cover:

  • Pricing Strategy
  • Executing pricing strategies (set it free from your spreadsheet!)
  • Profitability and the pricing lever
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Analytics & Big Data (we will show you how to build a KPI set)
  • Case studies & pricing news

So regardless how sophisticated your pricing practice…

“Good, better, best
Never let it rest
Until your good is better
And your better, best”

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But who are we to tell you how to price?

Price Align is a spin-off venture that capitalises on our significant experience in pricing. And it is this experience in pricing that our team wants to share… on this blog… for free.

Price Align is a pricing solution off-shoot from AlignAlytics, an established combined technology and strategy firm covering the ever-growing field of Advanced Analytics.  We know that pricing is the most powerful profit lever (and the most mysterious!) and now with Price Align we can concentrate on all things pricing.

But WHO are we?

Let us introduce you to the main Price Align blog contributors:

Adam Slader – Product Manager & Managing consultant
An experienced pricing consultant, Adam manages our pricing projects with particular strength in the areas of price strategy, analytics and change management.

He has lead numerous pricing projects in several industries across Europe, mostly focused on pricing work in B2B manufacturing & online travel.
Adam Slader

Adam Slader

A great source of experience and pricing wisdom for the blog. Expect some informative yet entertaining articles.
Matthew Betts – User Experience & Senior Consultant
Another experienced pricing consultant with a passion for creating great user experiences. He is constantly proving Enterprise software can be a pleasure to use!

His Europe-wide experience leading at the coal face of pricing projects means he is an ideal person to help you deliver change on your pricing journey.
Matthew Betts

Matthew Betts

There’s no one better to give us articles about the more intricate elements of pricing strategies.
Danielle Mosimann – Marketing & Comms
Danielle has been continuously involved with pricing projects over the past year and a half. Coordinating communications for clients and now our PriceAlign brand.

She loves making the complex ideas in pricing simple and clear. This is largely due to her relativist approach to understanding the pricing ecosystem. Something certainly handy in the multifaceted world of pricing!
Danielle Mosimann

Danielle Mosimann

Her creative flair means we can expect some amusing pieces looking at the lighter and everyday side of pricing.


Ok, so what’s next?

Coming up next is the first in the “Journey to Pricing Zen” series. “Before you sit under the Bodhi tree – preparing for your journey to pricing enlightenment”

And after that we’ll have at least one new article each month including some pricing optimisation tips and the top 10 pricing mistakes.

Get involved?

Do you have a pricing question or area you want explored in an article? Suggest one and we’ll choose the most popular. You can comment below or email

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