Pricing Journey

We cater for any existing pricing structure or support you to confidently make one from scratch. Even if you use a mix of different pricing methods across products or markets we can help you to communicate them clearly and put them into practice in your sales force.

Give your business the tools and support to move towards higher profitability:

  • Cost plus: In many industries this is the default starting model. It can be great in simple and stable industries with clear expectations of cost and price. However, it can lead to difficult estimations of future volume to model costs. Miscalculations can easily result in lost profit.
    We can help you bring some consistency and visibility to the process.
  • Share driven pricing: A more sophisticated model that uses volume, share and price elasticity to try to target share gain iteratively over time. This is very successful in some industries but can lead to share gain at the expense of industry profitability (your competitors will respond).
    Our modelling and deal profit breakdown can help find the right balance of profit and share.
  • Value based pricing: This method aims for pricing based on customer value. The basic concept is to estimate the additional value your product gives your customer versus the next best alternative.
    Create pricing that's the most effective for long term satisfied customers, a competitive position and long term profitability.

How does a typical project look?

Typical PriceAlign Deployment Plan

90 Day Kick-start

The 90 day Kick-start Opportunity Review helps define the vision for excellent pricing in your organization and leverage our expertise to make a great start immediately. 

We do the following three activities simultaneously for maximum impact in 90 days:
1. Readiness Assessment: Review existing policies and recommend best practices in organizational and analytical design. This lays out the necessary groundwork for long term success.

2. Opportunity Diagnostic: Detailed analysis on risks and opportunities for the short and long term and a Value Segmentation Assessment. We bring an immediate return on investment by applying advanced pricing analytics to identify potential quick wins and fruitful longer term strategies.

3. Price Align Pilot: We also encourage you to embark on a risk free 90 day pilot of Price Align which can help make the vision of pricing excellence in your company a little more real.

Change Management & Training

Changing the way you price can be a transformational step change in your business performance. Improving the way pricing is done is therefore a significant change to the organisation and for your management, sales teams and customers.

We are experienced in guiding and coaching internal teams to make the change to pricing excellence a successful one. Our team of experienced pricing experts will run train-the-trainer sessions with your pricing champions and help you ensure excellent levels of user acceptance.

Strategy & Price Setting

We will guide you through setting up a best practice price setting process that empowers your team to create pricing strategies that get put into practice, and don’t just live in spreadsheets!

Our pricing structure  is flexible and can accommodate any current pricing strategy you currently implement, but can also move you forward to one that enables stable, long term success such as Value Pricing.